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Kore prides itself on its innovative products and ingredients, such as plant stem cells.

Plant stem cells have many benefits that extend beyond just oral care. They are used in a number of cosmetic products and medical treatments because of their regenerative properties.

In this article, we will be discussing:

What Stem Cells Are and How They Work

Plant Stem Cells have obviously existed since the beginning of time. However, product developers have recently been harnessing their power to benefit consumers all over the world!

Actually located in plant stems, these cells help keep plants alive but also have properties that can benefit humans as well.

From playing a key role in anti-aging cosmetic products to reducing sensitivity in oral care products , plant stem cells are an innovative and premium ingredient.

Plant stem cells are best known for their regenerative properties, helping to rebuild and repair damaged cells, hence why they are great for anti-aging products.

So, let’s dive deeper into what plant stem cells are and how they work.

The best way to understand plant stem cells is to first understand what all stem cells are, as they are also found in humans. Actually, stem cells exist in all complex organisms, which includes both plants and animals.

Although our bodies and the world around us, including plants, are made up of thousands of cells, not all of those cells are stem cells.

Stem cells are differentiated from other cells because they are not specialized, meaning they do not serve a specific function in the body or organism.

This unique differentiator therefore allows stem cells to turn into any type of cell in the body, allowing it to serve any necessary functions.

Understandably, this has created a buzz in the medical world and has sparked research surrounding stem cells and their capacity for medical innovation.

Now that we understand stem cells more generally, what about the stem cells found specifically in plants?

Unlike animal cells that become specialized overtime, plant stem cells can remain unspecialized and help plants grow.

The benefits of plant cells for the human body include:

  • Influences human stem cells
  • Improves cell vitality
  • Combats aging & damage

Types of Stem Cells

There are two different sources of stem cells in plants and animals. They are embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells.

Embryonic stem cells can develop into any type of cell and can divide into more cells. Since embryonic stem cells can become any type of cell with any function they have been utilized to regenerate damaged or diseased tissue or organs.

On the other hand, adult stem cells can develop into most, but not all types of cells, as they are further in their development.

Even more interesting, some scientists have used genetic engineering to turn adult cells into stem cells that function similarly to embryonic stem cells that can take on any specialized function.

Plant Stem Cells in Cosmetics

We have discussed the benefits of plant stem cells in our oral care products in the past. It is our star ingredient after all. But did you know that plant stem cells are also used in cosmetic products?

Plant stem cells are used in a number of anti-aging skincare products, such as anti-aging serums, as well as cleansers and lotions.

Anti-aging is a buzzword in the world of skincare and any product that touts its ability to make skin look younger is sure to grab the attention of skincare aficionados and the general public alike.

These anti-aging abilities are rooted in plant stem cells’ ability to repair and replace damaged tissue.

The skincare benefits of plant stem cells comes from their antioxidants and active extracts, making the skin feel firm and smooth.

Additionally, plant stem cells can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, protect the skin, reduce the size of pore, make the skin look more plump and youthful and make the skin tone look more even.

The benefits of plant stem cells are dependent on the plant from which the cells were extracted.

For example, ginger stem cells help the pores on your skin look smaller and the Swiss apple plant stem cells used in Kore products are known to help with wrinkles around the eyes.

Plant Stem Cells in Kore Products

As just mentioned, the plant stem cells used in Kore oral care are Swiss apple plant stem cells called Uttwiler Spatlauber.

This type of stem cell is extremely rare and best known for its longevity, which intrigued us here at Kore.

We have chosen to include plant stem cells in our products because they are anti-inflammatory, help reduce sensitivity, and are gentle on the gums.

For many dental patients, gum and tooth sensitivity is an issue and they therefore need oral care products that offer a gentle formula that helps both prevent and reduce sensitivity.


Kore products are driven by the power of science and nature. That’s why we use powerful ingredients that are naturally occurring, such as plant stem cells.

We hope that you learned more about stem cells in this article and their many benefits for your teeth and skin!

To purchase Kore products, be sure to browse our website and stock up on your stem cell toothpaste and mouthwash.

Or, to learn more about Kore, stay tuned for additional blog posts or check out our about page.

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