Is Sparkling Water Bad for Your Teeth? Its Effects

posted byKore ProductsJune 30, 2021

We all know that soda is not good for the teeth because of its high sugar content. But, what about sparkling water? It has less sugar but the same amount of carbonation.

Many people wonder if the carbonation in sparkling water has any effect on the teeth! So, let’s dive into this question, “Is sparkling water bad for your teeth?”

In this article, we will be discussing:

How Soda Affects Your Teeth

As we mentioned, it is common knowledge that soda is bad for your teeth for a number of reasons.

When your dentist suggests that you avoid drinking soda they hope to protect your teeth from its effects.

The first reason soda is bad for your teeth is because they are over high in sugar. For example, a can of Coke alone has 35 grams of sugar!

Sugar causes tooth decay and cavities, especially if oral hygiene is neglected. This is because sugar combines with naturally occurring bacteria in the mouth to form an acid that can eat away at the teeth.

High-sugar sodas and drinks weaken the enamel, especially children, whose enamel has not yet fully developed.

Additionally, sodas are highly acidic, which is the case with most diet sodas. This leads to tooth erosion. So, even if you are avoiding sugary drinks, be aware that diet versions are not any better for your teeth.

Sparkling water does not contain sugar. So, one might wonder if it is a viable alternative to drinking sugary sodas.

Why Sparkling Water is Bad for Your Teeth

The bottom line is that sparkling water has an effect on your teeth . However, to a lesser degree than a sugary drink or soda.

The Journal of the American Dental Association explained that drinks with higher sugar, such as sports drinks, were "extremely erosive," while most sparkling waters were "minimally erosive."

In other words, sparkling water may erode the teeth but not as much as a sugary soda or drink would.

Unlike sodas, which are likely to cause tooth decay from the high sugar content, sparkling water that is sugar-free is not likely to cause cavities.

While sparkling water may be a good alternative for sugary sodas, it should not replace the water you drink daily.

Drinking water keeps your mouth and body hydrated and flushes the mouth of any bacteria. Yes, just good, old, plain water!

So keep that water bottle near you and remember that drinking water will prevent plaque build-up and help you maintain that sparkling smile.

How to Protect Your Teeth From Sparkling Water and Soda

If you want to drink soda and sparkling water, just ensure that you are prioritizing your oral hygiene as well in order to protect your teeth from damage.

So, do not fret! You do not have to give up your favorite drinks. Kore oral care wants to help you maintain your oral hygiene while also being able to indulge.

As mentioned, the sugar in soda interacts with bacteria leading to decay. However, Kore oral care products have a number of bacteria-fighting natural ingredients that will help keep the bacteria at bay.

For example, Kore toothpaste and mouthwash contain coconut oil which decreases plaque build-up on the teeth, as it is made up of 50% lauric acid, which kills bacteria.

Additionally, Kore products contain N-Hydroxyapatite, or HA for short, as a substitute for fluoride. HA is a form of calcium that makes up the teeth and bones and can protect your teeth as well as reduce bacteria, plaque build-up, and periodontitis.

Kore oral care also has a number of other benefits that help improve overall oral health.

Our products are also perfect for sensitive teeth and help reduce inflammation in the mouth. For example, the plant stem cells in our products have anti-inflammatory properties and the organic aloe helps soothe the mouth.

You can also protect your teeth from bacteria, enamel erosion, and tooth decay with good oral hygiene.

First and foremost, be sure to brush your teeth twice daily. To further improve your oral hygiene routine, pick oral care with the right ingredients.

For example, since Kore products contain HA, this will help strengthen the enamel and protect against drinks that may create more bacteria in the mouth.

Also, be aware of the sensitivity of your teeth. If your teeth are highly sensitive, avoiding acidic drinks will help reduce increased sensitivity.

Additionally, you can use oral care that has been created with sensitive teeth in mind, such as Kore!

Finally, be sure to visit your dentist often so that you can fight any tooth decay before it gets too serious.


Overall, we can conclude that sparkling water is not bad for your teeth. While it can be minimally erosive, it is not as harmful as sugary drinks or sodas.

We hope that Kore inspires you to prioritize your oral health and that our blog will help you acquire knowledge that will guide you to make healthier choices for yourself and your family.

Stay tuned for additional blog posts or check out our about page!

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